July 30, 2010


Happy Weekend!

^i die! ahhh :)

Oh How Sweet

I will always and forever will be obsessed with old country, shabby chic.
.old tattered books. rustic florals. vintage chairs. floral wallpaper. wild open fields.

^isn't this the neatest idea? everybody has a piece of a puzzle and on the back of it, they write a message for the newly weds.

July 29, 2010

My Two Favs!

Stella McCartney and Natalia <3 If you’ve seen quirky little touches to the Stella McCartney logo recently and questioned where they’ve come from, you can look to British artist Barry Reigate for answers.

July 28, 2010

Speaking of Dreams...

I wonder what this little tike is dreaming about while her mother has fun.

Today is a Good Day

Got a lot of this...

Dreamt about fun, fast adventures...

and now drank plenty of this...

Carpe Diem.

July 24, 2010

Next Destination

France !!!

^jane birkin

July 20, 2010

I'm Back!

Helloooo~~ It's been a while, huh.
I'm officially back from a crazy fun wedding and a relaxing honeymoon. Man, I feel spoiled.
I'll post wedding photos once they're in, but for now, enjoy these photos from....

Greece...What a wonderfully quaint country. Most of it is rocks, but once you stroll into town, you will come across picture perfect nooks, views and streets.... a surprise every turn of the corner.

^picture frames outdoors? INGENIOUS
A door to nothing... even more ingenious
Perfectly colored wall and perfectly coordinated flowers? love!
Blue. White. Rocks. Gorgeous blooms = Greece
Getting lost... and loving it
Hole in the wall? Fill it with a flower, duh!
I could walk down this street forever... the vines, blooms, white walls, cobble stoned street... *sigh
Like a bee to honey. =)
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