January 31, 2011

*Daily Delights*

I'm back!  Vermont was great but it's good to be home :)

Sooo~ wanna hear some news??
Anthropologie has launched a wedding line! :)  I'm dying to see what they've got up their sleeves.  I'm sure it's 100% girly, boho goodness <3

Here's a sneak peek before their unveiling 02.14.2011

inspired by all of the above, here are some Anthropologie inspired wedding decor from my library of pictures.

^I'm a sucker for crowns.  There's something so romantic and whimsical in it.  Display them on your guestbook table or even as your cake topper

^there's no wrong in dressing your bridesmaids in white as well.  But distinct them from you by keeping the dress short and playful.

^in keeping with the romantic theme, decorate your favors in satin ribbons and tulle flowers... script calligraphy is a must!

^flower... peachy pink dalias ... *sigh :)

^isn't this an awesome veil.  Birdcage veils are perfect for Anthropologie weddings.

^headpieces... I've been obsessed with flowy flower pieces like the above.. and you dont have to just stick to headpieces... add them to the aisle or your table decor.  there are so many options!

^ after the ceremony change into these simple headpieces. Perfect for the reception!

January 27, 2011

Going to Vermont!!!

Happy (early) weekend folks!

January 26, 2011

Freja and Arizona Muse

^Arizona Muse... the next big thing.  trust me~

January 25, 2011

*Delight in Celebs*

Michelle Williams.  Gosh I love her.  She's such a cool chic.  I mean cmon, she resides in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  And she pulls of her down to earth/ preppy / boho girly looks so well...love it!

via fashionspot
Despite her terrible mishap at the Golden Globes this year, she's still one of my favs :)

January 24, 2011

January Story

Cold winds
Perfect Breakfast

January 23, 2011

Typical Sunday Afternoon

gotta go out for coffee as well.

mixing PJs with misc.  love it

January 22, 2011

Baby its cold outside...

But its warm in here :)

I refuse to go out in this 20 degree weather =)

January 21, 2011

*Happy Friday*

Need a sense of serenity- That is my goal this weekend

January 20, 2011


Definitely using this guide for my next trip to Korea.

Can't wait :)
On another note,
I've never been one for due dates or getting things done on schedule.  Oh what the heck, to be honest, I'm never on time. When it comes to new year's resolutions, I rarely accomplish everything on my list, let alone one or two.  Oh what the heck, I forget whats even on the list by mid-year.  it's what I do. I make lists and more lists with no end..  With all that said, I still cannot not make one... so here they are ... in no particular order
  • re-do our porch
  • get outdoor furniture for our porch
  • start crafting and painting for home decor
  • Asia tour - China, Korea, Japan, Thailand
  • buy a canon and start taking pictures - at least one everyday
  • go to gym at least twice a week
  • figure out a 5-year plan that is practical and makes me happy
  • get a mini garden going on our patio so flowers will be in full bloom this spring/summer
  • Stella McCartney jacket and trousers in nudes + PS1 in smoke
  • go to unique shops/ thriftshop in NYC at least once a week
  • think investment pieces, not instant gratification *ahem forever 21
  • maintain hair and nails more frequently lol
  • re-do our office
  • come across the cutest little puppy in need so J and I can adopt her and live happily ever after... I know its not a resolution but wouldn't it be nice? :)

Work Mode

Current Obsession:

Tailored Jackets

 Stella McCartney does it best

with loose fitted pants and top

Grey accents ^LOVE this PS1 bag in smoke

Loose flowing hair
or undone hair

^ because we dont want to look too professional.  thats boring ;)
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