March 31, 2011

*Delight in Home*

Oh the decisions... so I've come to the conclusion that I'm not satisfied with our home.  I like our furniture but the wall colors are not cohesive with the furniture.
right now the second floor wall color is a very light minty green.  I dont know what made me choose this but anywoo, it has got to go.
^You can tell how green the walls are here, blech!

I really want a cool, pale grey for the walls.  It might look a little bland at first but with this base, I can add color with curtains, bedding, rugs etc.

 As for my living room, I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out.... although we have to do something about the arrangement of chairs and covering up the bare walls.  I love the grey patterned chair in the top left, but it looks out of place there. I hate that side table, but can't find a replacement.

I would love to add a wired decal like this.. so cute!
the left side of the living room is totally bare... wouldn't this wall clock be cute?  or is it too much?

Breaking up the monotone white of the walls with grey could be a possibility, but I dont know if I wanna go that bold in such an open space
I would love love love to add a little library of some sort.
 but if anything, I'll add color to the walls with paintings.  (made by J+S?)

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