May 11, 2011

A girl's appeal

What is it about some girls that makes guys fall head over heels for them?
Confidence? A good sense of humor? A bright smile? Sex appeal?
Yes, yes yes and yes... but I think another "it" factor most don't consider is vulnerability. Don't take it the wrong way girls~ I'm not saying we all should be weak and pathetic.  I'm saying that there's something about a soft-spoken, sympathetic, feminine girl that guys are attracted to.  Something is behind that wall, and you want to know what it is... and you find yourself coming back for more.
Case in point, Michelle Williams.
with the tragedy of Heath still looming, she made it to the Oscars with the support of her bff... gently handled and coaxed
Jake Gyllenhaal giving her a warm, caring welcome...
Doesn't this make you want to jump in and protect her too? lol. 
So ladies, yes confidence is good and speaking your mind is good. But it's also ok to want to feel protected and be protected.. it's in our nature.  =)

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